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Get ready for some old school, mutliplayer split-screen action!

Hostile Territory is third-person multiplayer shooter exploring indirect combat inside of a network. In this game, two hackers work to eliminate one another by destroying the network (environment) via indirect means. To do this, players have some tools at their disposal. Players can capture ports (tiles) by shooting malicious bots, and/or by dropping bombs (or botnets) that cover and capture a larger area of ports. At any point in time, players can elect to destroy/remove the ports they have captured in an attempt to eliminate the other player, causing them to fall to their death. Additionally, moving on your captured ports speeds your movement up, whereas moving on enemy-captured ports slows your movement down. In the end, using the environment to defeat your opponent and destroy the network are key.

- 2 Xbox 360 Controllers
- 2 Players




MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download the .exe file and run it. This will install Hostile Territory and all required files.


HostileTerritory_WindowsBuild_2015_04_23.exe 66 MB